Sterling Necklaces is the jewelry store that caters to a large clientele with its uniquely attractive sterling silver necklaces. You can get diamonds as well as other precious and semi precious gem stones with the best kind of filigree work done on the excellent pieces of jewelry, which is sure to steal your breath away.

We sell readymade jewelry as well as create antique and modern pieces for clients who want custom made necklaces for special occasions. There are so many designs available at our store, you can choose one for your desired set or else suggest your own ideas to make jewelry.

In case you are offering your own ideas for a design don’t forget to mention the age, taste and personality of the wearer, so that our designers can envision how the necklace would complement the wearer’s persona.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metal to create the perfect silver alloy that withstands the pressure while making jewelry. It is the purest form to make jewelry and bit expensive, but at our store the prices are very pocket friendly.

You can get so much in silver jewelry than you could have got with gold, apart from that white gold and silver resemble in color. It makes silver a great substitute to make diamond necklaces at very cheap rates. So you are sure to fetch good opportunities at affordable costs.

Sterling necklaces at our store are made with their matching ear ring and bracelet sets, in case you pre order it for a specific occasion. But make sure you do it well in advance, as it may take more time to create new pieces that match existing necklaces.

Either through email or online shopping cart you can book your desired necklaces, even you can buy from the store directly. Do visit our website and enjoy happy shopping without spending a fortune.


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